"I've had a reading with Suzy she is amazing, accurate and very good. I would say she's the best one I've been to, I've been to meditation classes with Suzy which are amazing and I am very thankful to have come across Suzy."

Tristin | Canberra ACT

"I first had the pleasure of having a reading with Suzy a little over 12 months ago.......I was blown away with her accuracy...left me speechless.....Suzy made me feel welcome and comfortabe from the first minute....which is important to me....and nothing is ever too much trouble.......always willing to help and listen......I'm forever grateful for her advice..."

Elle | Griffith NSW

"Suzy is a fantastic reader. In my experiences with her she’s been able to see past the mundane and get to the point, passing messages from spirit guides and departed loved ones including my passed brother in a professional manner, with accuracy, with care, with understanding and without judgement or any reservations. Suzy is truly gifted."

Daniel | Canberra ACT

"Suzy is an amazing teacher, healer and psychic medium. Suzy teaches in a loving and simple manner that makes everything so easy to understand. The courses that I took with Suzy opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that we are all gifted with intuitive talents and gifts.

It was a privilege to do the courses with Suzy and I highly recommend Suzy to anyone who would like a healing, reading or are interested in developing their intuitive and mediumship skills.

Suzy is also great at organising psychic fairs, I have done a few with her and have found them to be very well organised as Suzy has taken the time and effort to market and advertise the psychic fairs ahead of time and we have always had an abundant time and a great response from the locals. I strongly recommend Suzy's psychic fairs and will continue to join her and be apart of the Psychic Spiritual Family at the fairs.

Thank you God and the Angels for guiding and giving me the opportunity to meet and get to know Suzy who is an incredible, loving, beautiful, amazing person and friend whom I truly respect, love and honour."

Sophie Prior | Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Reader, Sydney NSW.

"Suzy has a wonderful warm personality. She made me feel at ease and relaxed, while providing me with insightful readings which I found to be spot on with accuracy and very helpful in a practical sense also. As well as readings I have come to see Suzy as a psychic mentor. Again her supportive nature has helped me feel comfortable and confident, which along with her knowledge and experience in this area have helped me to let go and trust. As a result I feel my psychic abilities have developed considerably and are continuing to do so."

Claire | Canberra ACT

"Suzy Cherub is a gifted psychic/medium who helps heal and guide others. She is an inspiring teacher and mentor who enjoys helping others grow with their own individual psychic abilities. Thanks Suzy for encouraging me to be myself and give me the confident to share my unique gift with others."

Sarah | Canberra ACT

"Suzy's womanly warmth instantly welcomes. With sage empathy, she says precisely what is needed, at the time it is needed. Suzy lays the lightest of breadcrumb trails for one to awaken to one's own inner knowing, subtly and softly. Suzy has a way of delivering a message that may not be what I am wanting to hear, with grace and positivity.

As a healer she is gentle and immense, working deeply, ethereally, resulting in smooth, profound shifts. I feel stronger, wiser, more intuitive, and more capable after a session with Suzy. At all times I feel safe, nurtured, encouraged and honoured for precisely who I am.

Suzy's (and Nat's) meditation circle meets you where you are, whoever you are, whatever your challenge or dream. It is a true capacity-building circle, nurturing and enticing the best from everyone, in a loving and supportive environment. A meditation, with this circle, is a powerful, transformative, multi-sensory delight!"

Amanda | Canberra ACT

"Thank you Suzy for an amazing weekend. I'm truly blessed to have met you and to learn from you."

"I had some very incredible experiences and learnt some awesome skills. Suzy is very loving, nurturing and easy to understand. I am taking away a lot of skills I am keen to improve."

"Suzy is a genuine teacher, she walks her talk so well she can't help but be a fantastic teacher."

"Suzy is my mentor, she is probably the most inspirational woman in my life at the moment. I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be because of her."

"I enjoyed every moment and learned lots of new things."

"Suzy is always encouraging and friendly, with a lot of knowledge."

"The course was extremely information and interesting. I learnt so much, it was such a brilliant weekend. Suzy is a great teacher, she is very caring and empowering."

 Comments from Suzy's Intensive Psychic Mediumship Course 



Confidentiality and privacy is assured.

Face-to-face Readings: Available at Suzy's home studio located Pearce Canberra ACT. Booking is essential. Exact cash only or PayPal at time of making the booking please.

Distance Readings: Phone or Skype readings are available. For distance and remote readings payments must be made prior to appointment please via PAYPAL at time of making the booking.


Based in Canberra, Suzy Cherub is an award winning Psychic Medium.

She offers remarkable insight into the past, present and future by connecting to the Angelic Realm and the other side. Suzy connects directly with spirit to guide and help you. She receives accurate future insights for every aspect of your life.